Me - ow!
I'm a camera whore. I like to show off. This is my outlet.
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bitchestrvpblunts asked: I wanna fuck you soo bad


Get in line babe.

belu-spirit asked: Hi I'm 19, gotta say this blog ,ur sexy self I'm liking this 😭😭😭


I’m glad you enjoy me baby.

Anonymous asked: I want my finger tips bruising your thighs as I push your legs wider and wider, wrapping my lips around your clit...I slide my fingers in you sucking your clit as I finger Fuck your sopping pussy.



honkaway asked: Could you make a striptease video?


Every time I make a video tumblr pulls it.

tram1313 asked: Seeing you and your amazing body will never get boring.. i say u should do more


Thanks so much babe. I need to hear stuff like this every once in a while to keep me going.

totaloonie asked: Did you like it, or was it just weird?


It wasn’t bad. I liked the girl. She was nice.

vampyrgod asked: ðŸ’™


Right back atcha baby💖

Practicing for an audition at the strip club. I’ll call them tomorrow and see what I can do to set it up.

Hanging at the strip club.

A dancer actually licked my pussy.

I know I’m getting boring. But this is the best I can do for today. Until later anyway. Kisses everyone.

bigdawgg22 asked: U are so sexy!


Awww thank you bigdawg. I hope I make you super hard. :)

Anonymous asked: Oh my god thank you so much for that picture your pussy looks so warm, tight and sticky! ! You just made one Irish mans cock very hard.


OMG I just love Irish men!

Play time.

Anonymous asked: Hey, can I request a photo set of you enjoying yourself with your favourite sex toy please? X


There is certainly one in my archive but I may be able to accommodate. 

timextoxfuck asked: Haven't jerked off in almost 24 hours, came to your blog, now I'm jerking off


Blow a big load for me baby!

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