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I'm a camera whore. I like to show off. This is my outlet.
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coke-tits replied to your post: “Just seen a post about you staying in london.. i live not to far away from london! Would love to come and meet you and make you my filthy little slutty fucktoy for the night”:
I’m not a serial killer(; but I don’t think I can make it to SF till around the end of January :{

I’ll wait for you babe. Or Ill come to you. :)

Anonymous asked: Just seen a post about you staying in london.. i live not to far away from london! Would love to come and meet you and make you my filthy little slutty fucktoy for the night


Indeed, I do live in London. But I don’t fuck anons. I need to know you’re not a serial killer.

jeeta-randy-fan reblogged your post Princess Mixie is bored. and added:

Come over here to Toronto Canada, I promise you that you will never be bored, I will make sure of that, mmmm

That all sounds lovely. Except that Canada part. Like, who goes to Canada?

Princess Mixie is bored.

scroogedinkentucky asked: No.s. 14 & 15. I am always hard when I read your blog.


#14 do I prefer giving or receiving oral sex?

I prefer to give. Most men don’t do it right anyway.

#15 the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to me during sex.

I did have an issue while having anal sex once but that’s the risk you take when you have butt sex.

And thank you baby. You rock.

Anonymous asked: God, I'd love to use you like the filthy little whore that you are. Just fill you with my load.


This made my clit jump.

brokenfeelingsandcigarettes asked: Damn you're amazing look the tattoos are awesome and you're pole dancing is mesmerising holy god! Please of you have kik can I have it!


Wow thank you so much baby! You’ve made me smile this morning.

vampyrgod asked: 26


Something that never fails to make me horny?

Being called a filthy slut, or a cum dumpster, or something of that sort. 


1:When did you lose your virginity?
2:Rough sex or soft sex?
3:Do you have any unusual kinks/fetishes?
4:Weirdest place you’ve had sex?
5:Favourite sex position?
6:Do you like to be dominant or submissive?
7:Have you ever had any one night stands?
8:Sex on the bed, couch or the floor?
9:Have you ever had sex in a public place?
10:Have you ever been caught masturbating?
11:What does your favourite sexy underwear look like?
12:How often do you have sex?
13:Is there anybody right now you’d like to have sex with?
14:Do you prefer giving or receiving oral sex?
15:Most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you during sex?
16:A song you’d listen to during hard/rough/kinky sex?
17:A song you’d listen to during soft/slow/passionate sex?
18:Are you into dressing up for sex?
19:Would you prefer sex in the bath or sex in the shower?
20:If you could have sex with anyone right now, who would it be?
21:Have you ever had a threesome? If not, would you?
22:Do you/would you use sex toys?
23:Have you ever sent someone a dirty text/picture?
24:Would you have sex with your best friend?
25:Is there anything you do after sex? (for example, smoke, eat, drink)
26:Something that will never fail to get you horny?
27:Early morning sex or late night sex?
28:Favourite body part on the opposite sex?
29:Favourite body part on the same sex?
30:Do you watch porn?
Anonymous asked: I want you to watch me fuck my GF on cam while we look at you :*


I hate to cam babe. 

vampyrgod asked: Would you ever fuck a half Latino half Irish. ??


Sure. I’m usually attracted to white boys but why the hell not. 

Anonymous asked: would love to have a 3some with you and my gf. I would fuck your brains out. we would do a lot of drugs and fuck like animals


Perfect. Where do I sign up?

Anonymous asked: it would be amazing to meet you randomly in the streets and fuck you like a whore in a dirty subway station bathroom


I like the way you think babe. :)

Anonymous asked: yeah we'll do it again tomorrow. we love your clit piercing. my gf would love to lick it


I love messages like this!

Anonymous asked: I've fucked my GF today while looking to your pics here on tumblr


Oh my god, really? That’s fucking awesome and it turns me on.

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