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I'm a camera whore. I like to show off. This is my outlet.
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Anonymous asked: What drugs do you do


My drug of choice is heroin but I love ALL opiates. I also like amphetamines and pharmaceuticals.

girlsshowme asked: Hope you doing ok? Been quite for a few days. Hopefully all is well.


I’ve been kind of drying out babe. Had a little too much fun with the heroin and had to check myself. No worries. Life is normalizing and I’ll be back to it soon.

jacksheppardtv asked: Would you ever/have you ever let a dog fuck you?


No. Ewww. No.

Okay so, the contest is now closed!

But hang tight on the winner. I have one picked out but I’m trying to dry out a little and haven’t been feeling so well. Be patient babies. I’ll announce the winners soon. :*

Dont forget to enter my nicest cock contest…

For a chance to win a special unpublished photo set and addition to my mailing list. Just submit a picture of your cock to

Anonymous asked: Can We have more close ups of your pussy


You got it anon. 

proudheretic555 asked: You are incredably sexy, sweet and awesome. My days not complete without a mixie hard on. Cant wait till you hit Stateside babe


We are going to have so much fun together!

Just a friendly reminder…

I don’t publish hate. Get fucked losers. Everyone hates you.

tram1313 asked: Cant wait for the next post from you to cum too!!


I’ll give you something sweet soon baby!

frankincock asked: Girl, you are vary hot and ty fir showing off your sexy body. Keep up your goid work and ill keep pulling my cock watching you.


God I love your URL!

adriannemissy1968 asked: Whats your thoughts on pissing pics. Would love 2 have you squatting over my face whilst pissing mmm xx


I like to be pissed on. That’s my fetish. I don’t do the pissing.

Nicest cock contest!!

Submit your cock for a chance to win a special unpublished photo set and addition to my mailing list. The contest is open until 12 am Monday morning (GMT)


Do it now guys!

Another stripping video. I’m getting better. 

Not so sure I like these photos.

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