Me - ow!
I'm a camera whore. I like to show off. This is my outlet.
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lookatmycok asked: You're sooo incredibly sexy! I've been looking at your blog for the past 10 minutes or so and my cock is rock hard! Take a peek at my blog if you'd like to see (;


I love making you hard baby, 

Guys I’m running a contest!

Submit pics of your cock and \i’ll pick the nicest one tomorrow night at midnight (GMT). The winner will receive a special photo set from me; Get those cocks out boys. 

Anonymous asked: Used by men hu? So would you like it if they used that pretty little backdoor of yours and just filled it up with cum? ;)


You know it baby. 

common1 asked: Would you consider water sports?


I love being pissed on. I just posted a post saying if you want to see pics of me being pissed on to send your email address and I’ll send them to you. 

common1 asked: What's your favorite sexual act you like having done to you and why?


Oh gosh, That’s hard. I pretty much just like being used by men. 

Ask me questions guys

I feel like pouring out my soul. 

Kisses babies!

intim8ian replied to your post “CONTEST!”

How do I send you a pic???? 😊

Anonymous asked: Are you gonna post the submission photos?


I’ll post the 3 i like the most tomorrow babe. 

nerske asked: Can I kik the you the photos?


No you have to submit,

metalgearstoned asked: god damn the eager look on your face in those pictures is so fucking hot. anyone who gets to do nasty things to you is very lucky.


Thank you baby. And I look eager because I am. I absolutely love it!


A special photo set for whoever submits a picture of the nicest cock. I’ll run this contest for 24 hours. Get your cocks out gentelmen.

stuckinmuskegon asked: I'd love to volunteer for the sex pictures, lol


Stand in line baby. Take a number. 

bryanthefrenchie replied to your post: I’ve turned my living room into a stri…

You’re so hot, my god.. I’m getting a pretty big boner because of you!

I wish I could wrap my lips around it baby!

Anonymous asked: How about pictures of you having sex?


The very next time I have sex I’ll take pictures. I promise. 

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