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I'm a camera whore. I like to show off. This is my outlet.
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I can’t sleep so I thought I’d show off a little for you guys since its been way over a week since I’ve posted any real content.

Anonymous asked: who won the comp beautiful?


I’ll announce the winner later this week. I’m so sorry babies. Life just gets in the way sometimes, you know?

geektacularpartyanimal asked: Would you advertise where you would dance for money when you come back to america?



Anonymous asked: What are you most ashamed and proud of


That’s a good question.

The thing I’m most ashamed of is hurting people I love while I was trying to figure myself out in my 20s. But I try to live without regret so I try not to let it get to me. 

The thing I’m most proud of is a life lived to it’s fullest and without remorse. I have some amazing life experience and have done some amazing things and I’m proud of myself for being brave enough to do it. 

Any of my followers in the San Francisco/ Bay area?

I have some questions for you.

Anonymous asked: The video of you masturbating is perfect! I've already jerked off twice too it an I'm thinking about doing it one more time today!


It’s been pretty popular. I’ll have to make another one. It was fun, as you could probably ascertain. ;) Thank you baby, for taking the time. I love it and I appreciate the fuck out of you. <3

Anonymous asked: You never said who the new contest winners were?


I know anon. I’ve been really sick all week and life is just starting to get back to “normal”. I’ll probably post them about mid week. I’m sorry about the delay.

Anonymous asked: Weirdest thing you ever masturbated with


Sorry for being boring but I’m not really into fucking myself with foreign objects. I usually use my fingers or one of my many vibrators. When I was a kid I used to jump a stuffed dolphin until I came but that’s about it.

geektacularpartyanimal asked: Have you ever been in a gang bang before?


I have. It was fun

Anonymous asked: Hey I noticed your portfolio and was shocked to see you openly advertising you fuck for drugs, your drying out due to heroin and you pretty much do the whole pharmaceuticals. I noticed your in the UK and you were from the USA. I'm a x police officer from Ireland and I can tell you now. I would stop with the open advertising, you are just begging to be put away in prison. Tumblr is watched and you will never get back to the USA. You seem like a nice girl. So dry yourself totally and enjoy life.


Thank you for your concern but I’ve never advertised sex for drugs. I’ve often stated it was a fantasy of mine but it is far from one I will fulfill. I am completely clean as if right now and plan on staying that way until I get back HOME to America. And as I am an American national I don’t feel I’ll have much of an issue getting home when the time comes.

Anonymous asked: what's the craziest thing you would do for drugs and be specific


Honestly I wouldn’t do anything that made me uncomfortable. I do have fantasies about fucking for drugs but it would have to be the right situation and the right amount of the right drugs, you know?

toolbox72 asked: I wish I had you to dance all to myself!!


I’d love to dance for you!

madmike2012 asked: Hey Hun love your videos, could I ask have you got kik baby? Xxxx


Thanks baby. And you know, I do have a kik. I just don’t give it out until I know you’re not boring a s fuck.

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